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Mileposts Along the Soo Line

When updates are made to the website, I will post them here so that everyone will be able to see it.


*NEW* May 7, 2007: After an absence, will be updated more frequently. I have acquired many new items and photos, along with stories, and I will be adding them over the next few weeks as well as updating the photos that are already on the site. The photos were added without using any sort of image processing software to make them smaller and easier to load.

Some coming attractions will the addition of some Train Orders and photos from Pembine on the Eleventh Sub of the Eastern Division.

The Central Division will also have numerous updates including photos all along the Weyerhauser and New Richmond Subs including the Eau Claire Line.

Saturday, January 21: Addition of Lehigh and Strickland to Weyerhauser line.

Sunday, January 22: Addition of rock slide fences on the Weyerhauser line.

Wednesday, January 25: Update page added, Bruce WI photo and info added.

January 27/28: Continued on the Weyerhauser line. Added more milepost locations and more information on Bruce.

January 28: Added photos for Almena and Cameron. Text to be added at a later date.

February 3rd: The Rice Creek bridge was added.

February 4th: Hwy "SS" crossing added.
                     Pokegema River Bridge