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Mileposts Along the Soo Line

Lehigh, WI.  Milepost 106.6

Lehigh was a logging town in the late 1800's which started to prosper and grow. It grew to a modest size with a  general store, hotel, post office, opera house and depot.
Today, little remains of the town of Lehigh.  The town started to die out in the late 30's and early 40's as the logging industry moved on to other sites where the virgin forests of Wisconsin were yet un-disturbed. The site of Lehigh today is a cow pasture.  The depot foundation is still there as well as the remains of the general store.  A small building resembling a church or town hall also remains.
Even though Lehigh no longer exists, an interesting point is that it is still listed on maps and on searches through sites like map quest.
Photos of Lehigh will be added as they become available.  If you can help, please contact me.  Thanks!
"This information is courtesy of Stu Nelson, former dispatcher for the Soo Line. and Soo Line Historian" 
MP 106.6
   The 1884 public timetable shows a station called HAWKINS
at this location.  The 1886 public timetable shows HAWKINS
at MP 149.  The 1887 public timetable shows at station at
MP 106.6 called LOG SPUR No 3.  In 1889 location is referred
to as SPUR 10, no agent.  The 1898 operating timetable shows
station LEHIGH with an agent assigned.  The depot, unknown
when originally placed, was  12x32 Boarding Car No 19.  This
was a common use of old boarding cars.  The 1907 operating
timetable shows a day and a night operator at LEHIGH.  The
1912 Order of Railway Telegraphers union book shows only an
Agent-Operator with a salary of $57.50 per month.
   About 1915 the depot was remodeled and another 12x32
boarding car body was placed as a freight depot.  The orig
boarding car body was remodeled with a larger waiting room.
By 1924 the agent-operator position was removed.  The freight
room portion depot was moved to Irvine Yard at Chippewa Falls
in Sep 1932 and the original depot shelter was removed in
August of 1940.
     The trackage at LEHIGH was an 807 ft track.  It was
shortened to a 561 ft stub spur Oct 1925 with a swith on
west end.  It was removed entirely in Aug 1936.