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Strickland, WI

Mileposts Along the Soo Line

Strickland, WI    Milepost 108.8

Strickland was a lot like Lehigh.  A town in the forest that hosted logging camps and catered to the logging industry.
As in Lehigh, as the loggers moved on to other parts, the town of Strickland started to die out.
Strickland today is just a small cluster of residential homes, but is still home to the townhall for the Strickland township.
Photos will be posted as they become avaliable.  If you can help, please contact me.  Thanks!
"The following information is courtesy of Stu Nelson, former dispatcher for the Soo Line and Soo Line Historian."
MP 108.8
     In 1887 public timetable a station at this location referred
to as LOG SPUR No 5.  It was referred to as STRICKLAND 
as a spur in the 1898 operating timetable.  In the 1907
operating timetable it was a blind siding.  However, track
records show this track as 3224 ft long placed between
1884 and 1886.  In 1908 an industry track, 1169 ft long,
was built.
   A depot 20x46, plan 3133, was built in Dec 1915 with
an agent-operator employed at this time.  The agent
position was discontinued about 1927.  The depot was
sold in Sep 1940 and I understand it still exists as a
private home.
   Other structures in STRICKLAND were a section car
house and a stock chute.
   The house track was removed in Dec 1935 and the
siding was removed in 1954.
   Other notes show that there was a mill spur about
1350 ft long that was removed about 1900-1902.