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Mileposts Along the Soo Line

MilePost:  121.3
Station Number:  1121
Depot:  Yes
Depot Type:    Type or plan number is not know at this time.  From what I have seen of this depot, it looks similar to the depot that is in Weyerhauser.
Depot Status:  Depot was removed or demolished, date currently unknown.
Depot Drawings or Prints:  Currently Unknown
Siding:  Yes, Siding was rated for 48 cars.
Interchange:  No
Industries Served:  As of right now, I am unaware of the industries that were in
Bruce.  I know that on occasion pulp wood was loaded into gondolas, but that was about all.
Town History:
Currently looking for information of this history of Bruce, WI


This is a post card view of Soo Pacific 2719 at Bruce, WI on June 21, 1959. This was a 10 car railfan trip and also the last run for the 2719 until its restoration in the late 90's. For more information on the 2719 please check out their website,, or click on the picture and you will be directed there.

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