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Western Division

Mileposts Along the Soo Line

Maps of the Western Division

The map shown here of the western division was taken from time tables to show the location of the western division.  Subdivisions had changed by the time that this map was published as it was taken from timtable No. 20, Effective 12:01am, Sunday January 1, 1984.  The MNS lines were added which caused a realignment of the Subdivisions.  More maps will be added as information becomes available.


  • First Subdivision - Glenwood to Enderlin
  • First Subdivision  (Veblen Line) - Veblen Jct. to Grenville
  • Second Subdivision - Enderlin to Harvey
  • Third Subdivision - Harvey to Portal
  • Forth Subdivision - Thief River Falls to Drake
  • Fifth Subdivision - Fordville to Kenmare
  • Sixth Subdivision - Flaxton to Whitetail
  • Seventh Subdivision - Hankinson to Bismarck
  • Seventh Subdivision  (Pollock Line) - Wishek to Pollock
  • Eighth Subdivision - Bismarck to Drake
  • Eighth Subdivision (New Town Line) - Max to New Town