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Central Division

Mileposts Along the Soo Line

Central Division Maps

  • First Subdivision - Railway Transfer, Minneapolis to Glenwood
  • Second Subdivision - Glenwood to Thief River Falls
  • Third Subdivision - Thief River Falls to Noyes
  • Fourth Subdivision - Federal Dam to Plummer
  • Fifth Subdivision - Junction 278 to Federal Dam
  • Fifth Subdivision  (Range line) - Aitkin to Oberg Mine
  • Fifth Subdivision  (Brooten Line) - Brooten to Moose Lake
  • Sixth Subdivision - Dresser to Duluth
  • Seventh Subdivision - Marshal St. to C.F. Yard
  • Seventh Subdivision  (Weyerhauser Line) Withrow to Weyerhauser
  • Seventh Subdivision  (Rice Lake Line) - Cameron to Rice Lake
  • Seventh Subdivision  (Ridgeland Line) - Barron to Ridgeland
  • Seventh Subdivision  (N. St Paul Line) - Trout Brook Jct to Carnelian Jct.
  • Seventh Subdivision  (St. Paul Line) - Cardigan Jct to St. Paul
  • Seventh Subdivision  (St. Paul Industrial Line) - Mississippi St, NP Yard to St. Paul Union Station.

Your Help is Needed.
Your help is needed.  As of right now I do not have any maps of the Central Division to post.  Please contact me if you have a map that could be used at  Thanks for your help.