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23rd Street Crossing

Mileposts Along the Soo Line

 Milepost 99.07


Above: This view is looking east toward the long sweeping curve. This line heads north east from here to Canton. This is also one the few remaining crossings that has not been paved over by the CN.


Above:  This view from the 23rd street crossing looks west. From here, you would cross the Rice Creek bridge which is slightly visable in the far distance. Notice how the tracks have become badly overgrown in the year that it has been out of service.


Above: This sign is a testiment of the impact the Soo Line Railroad had on the area. The Livingston Farm had taken the name "Soo Line Farm" which was appropriate since they lived right along the line. The farm is still there today as well as the sign even though it has been almost 19 years since the last Soo Line train passed this location.